LA Rams Andrew Whitworth 2nd Ram to test positive for COVID-19

(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images)
(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) /

LA Rams LT Andrew Whitworth is the second Rams player to test positive for COVID-19 so far

The LA Rams are about to enter training camp. That will mean 80 players, coaches, executive and support staff will all gather under one roof, and work towards another NFL season. For some, the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic has changed everything, canceling schools, forcing work from home, and mandating a stay-at-home change of lifestyle. For others, the arrival has meant the loss of work, filing an endless stream of new paperwork to receive benefits to sustain an income to pay the incessant streaming of bills.  Still, others have experienced little changes. Perhaps a change to the furniture, a need to don a face mask, but the hours, the pay, and even the daily routine hasn’t changed.

But things can change rapidly, without warning, and without reason. Just ask LA Rams left tackle Andrew Whitworth about how quickly changes occur.  One day you are enjoying a wonderful day with your family. The next? Everyone you know and love has tested positive for COVID-19. That’s the latest tale from Stu Jackson.

Rams counting on Big Whit

Of course, we all know that the LA Rams are counting on Big Whit to anchor the offensive line this year. In fact, the situation is so desperate that even as training camp opens, there is not even a consensus over who is the left tackle understudy. If Big Whit goes down, who steps ups?

The chances for that scenario have increased, as have the chances for any NFL player missing games this year. Despite all the precautions, players, coaches, and officials will test positive for COVID-19 this season. When that happens, those persons will be quarantined for 14 days after the last positive test. That is a minimum of two weeks out.  Why so long?  The impact of coronavirus pandemic is unpredictable.  COVID-19 infected nine members of the Whitworth family. Of those infected, only Andrew Whitworth’s father faced a 72-hour life or death struggle.

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Healthy one day, testing positive the next. That’s what the NFL and the LA Rams are trying to prevent. And if you ask Andrew Whitworth and his entire family, no precaution is too great.