3 LA Rams tailgate menus to enjoy from your kitchen

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LA Rams
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Nothing beats the culinary aromas of tailgating an LA Rams game. So why sacrifice at all? Here are three LA Rams tailgate foods that you can enjoy from your very own kitchen

The LA Rams army of fans advance to the home field stadium each year and each year the parking area fills with the savory aromas of tailgating parties.  Yes, that glorious time of year when the air has a bit more snap to it, and the kitchen goes mobile.  A heavenly blend of sizzle, crunch, and Mmmhmm good lip-smacking reminders that football means great eats, and plenty of them.

Great eats that are often saved for football day. But why?  We already know how to quarantine, and for many of us, the option to attend a live football game simply is not in the cards this year. That doesn’t mean great tailgating foods are off the menu for a year as well. On the contrary, now tailgating foods are even more important.

The cuisine is the thing

Food is part of our culture.  Significant events in our lives are recognized by feasts.  Wedding receptions, funeral wakes, holiday meals, birthday parties, anniversary dinners, graduation celebrations, and even family reunions, the focus of the event includes a meal in the schedule.  Food is symbolic in so many ways. Sharing a meal binds many individuals as one group. Tailgating before, during, or after a football game is the NFL version of a wedding reception or an anniversary dinner.

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Football is about the food, folks.  Each NFL team has it’s own special private cuisine. And for a city as culturally diverse as that of Los Angeles, there is a myriad of game-day special menu items to dive into headfirst.  After all, each year tailgate foods change, expand, tweak, and you owe it to yourself to sample the latest and greatest options out there. So what are some for this year?  Let’s dive right in: