3 LA Rams tailgate menus to enjoy from your kitchen

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Pizza, BarBQ, and Brewskis

There is nothing better than hot pizza, smokey Bar-B-Q, and cold brewskis on game day.  The very idea of a good football game with a cold beer in one hand, and a hot slice or smokey sandwich in the other is the way football is designed to be enjoyed. Much like wine, the brand of beer you select is subject to your taste.  So what tastes are we looking at?   While many will think a good BBQ, the pizza is making a strong showing in Los Angeles

Keep it simple on the pizza.  This is football, after all, so a two-topper thin or deep dish smothered in cheese will do nicely.  For the most viewing enjoyment, keep the cuts small enough to be held in one hand while you imbibe a cold brewski with the other.  I prefer pepperoni and mushrooms, but there is a wide variety of solid toppings to make pizza memorable  The simpler the better for football.

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For barbecue, that is up to you.  Chicken barbecue, barbecued pulled pork, or barbecued brisket are all incredibly savory options. For ease of preparation, I like to pick up a couple of packs of pork country ribs and slow cook them with a secret ingredient – 3 ounces of applesauce per pack of ribs. Cook the pork in the slow cooker for 4  hours. Then its time to wrap the meat up in aluminum foil smothered in my secret barbecue sauce, slow-cooked at 300 degrees for an hour. Remove, drain away all the liquid, recover in sauce, and bake at 275 in an aluminum bowl (to keep cleaning to a minimum for an additional hour.

Of course, the beer, like wine, should be bold enough to have a taste of its own while it washes down the football food. But it should not be so overpowering that it drowns out the other flavors, nor should it make you wince automatically when the tastes combine.

Of course, we plan to drink in celebration, not concern