3 LA Rams tailgate menus to enjoy from your kitchen

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LA Rams
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Brats, Dogs, and Burgers

Let’s not forget the fabulous flavors of the grill, and the wonderful warm feeling at you bite into your favorite brauts, hot doges, and burgers. What’s stopping you from stopping by Pink’s Hot Dogs and picking up a half-dozen of your favorites to go, or even replicating that magical taste explosion on your own?  Of course, any sporting event in the Los Angeles area means bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Even if you don’t enjoy their incredible flavor, you should consider that on your menu simply to give the most authentic game day aromas to your menu.

The grilling experience is so infused with the LA Rams, that Todd Gurley invited the team’s rookies to his place for a barbecue grilling in 2019, and invited former Rams running back Eric Dickerson to join them. He probably would have scored more points if he had just had the entire event catered by Los Angeles’ most famous hot dogs – Pink’s.  While I am no aficionado, I believe I could live a happy life on Pin’s chile dogs with mustard and onions.   Thankfully, I have been able to get a home-made chile sauce close enough that only I know the difference.

Brats and burgers

Of course, LA burgers means the In-N-Out burger. And the secret to their success lies in the simplicity – 100 percent pure beef patty, lettuce, tomato, spread, with or without onions, on a freshly baked bun. That’s it.  And since its the perfect take out food, why fuss with the prep anyways?  Of course, that goes for practically any food we’ve discussed so far.  If you have a restaurant take-out option, why not? It’s about the aroma and the game day enjoyment after all. NFL fans from all over the country make it a point to do an In-N-Out burger run whenever they are in Los Angeles. The consensus favorite from out of towners?  The double-double burger served “animal style.”

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But when it comes to brats, that’s where we draw the line. If you don’t shop at a butcher’s shop for bratwursts and sausages, this may be the time to start doing so. Some butchers will even deliver.  To get the best brats, be prepared to grill them over charcoals or gas grills with plenty of lava rocks. Be sure to stock up on the freshest rolls as well.  I like to add a foil packet of onions and assorted bell peppers to grill as well, as they make a perfect garnish to a brat sandwich. And while you are at it, be sure to toss a couple burgers and dogs on the grill too. Hungry yet?  I am.  Hurry up football season!