3 ways to optimize your LA Rams virtual football experience

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Stadium feel

One of the reasons why stadium viewing is such a thrilling experience is that it changes everything in order to watch the game. You look down upon the field, you sit in strange stadium seating surrounding by unfamiliar faces. All in all, the stadium feel is so exciting because, in many ways, it’s so unfamiliar.  While we certainly are not suggesting to replace furniture from the aesthetics and Feng Shui that so many have worked hard to master, we are suggesting a temporary reprieve to capture that exhilarating thrill of unfamiliarity

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But doing so means changing things. That means, rather than large overstuffed furniture, opting for fewer comforts and creature features by choosing to sit in an LA Rams stadium chair.  The options vary from stadium seat covers that fit snugly over your existing dining chairs, a seat cushion that can fit on your car seat or living room furniture, or even the stand-alone tailgating chairs you can place directly in your living room on game day.

Altitude helps attitude

Another area of the true makeover is the height of the television screen relative to your eye level. While I understand the ergonomics of ensuring that the video is the right height for viewing, keep in mind that viewing at the stadium is not at “eye-level”. In fact, to ensure that everyone in the stadium can view the game action, there is a downward slope from the fans to the field of play.  Conversely, if you have ever joined friends to watch the game at a sports bar, you know that you will be looking up at the various television screens around the room.  They have mastered the viewing by all enigma by elevating the action, not the fans, to ensure that all have an equal vantage point.

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Which way to go depends entirely on the home experience you wish to create. If you want a sports bar feel, you can raise the level of television screens to a height where you are looking up slightly.  Want an even more realistic feel? Set up a Bluetooth computer monitor near the ceiling, and program it to display the current scores of all NFL games.  If you want a stadium experience, simply arrange your seating in an auditorium arc, and lower the elevation of your television monitor.  Small changes that truly will make a huge impact for you on game day.