3 ways to convert your home into an LA Rams mini SoFi experience

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LA Rams SoFi Stadium
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Bigger video screens

One of the most prominent features of SoFi Stadium is the Oculus, that 360-degree two-sided video display suspended high above the field.  That visual feast is unlike anything in the NFL today and is the first of many calling cards to attend a home game. But in the absence of going to the stadium, how can a fan emulate the Oculus effect?  Well, you can take up that challenge in one of two ways.

The first way is to go bigger.  You can opt for some ultra-large televisions screens, one of the most promising is the 105″ ultra curved screen model by Samsung  Of course, the curvature limits the location of optimal viewing, but that big ole screen is a personal IMAX theatre.  Be sure to take measurements, because, for the life of me, that size screen is more space than I can dedicate to a television.

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Video Wall

Another video option that may be more practical is the creation of a video wall.  Those products assemble multiple video screens on a wall surface, and thanks to computerized technology, act to form one very large image.  This is basically a home version of the Oculus technology, only it’s not suspended from the ceiling. These products can assemble on your wall or on separate video wall brackets.  For a true SoFi experience, go with the video bracket option and assemble the video wall on two sides, That allows you to place the video in the middle of the room, and have chairs/sofas on either side to give a true “SoFi” sofa feel.

Limited budget? No matter. Go smaller, but don’t sacrifice the Oculus effect by placing two flatscreen television sets back to back. For just $500 or less, you can purchase two 49 inch flatscreen television sets and by strategically placing them in your football viewing area, you can ensure that you have 360 degrees of viewing pleasure.  If you already have an acceptable television, simply buy a similarly sized model to achieve the same “anywhere you sit you can see” effect.