How will NFC West receivers fare on LA Rams’ Ramsey Island?

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LA Rams Jalen Ramsey
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San Francisco 49ers

The most dangerous receiver on the San Francisco 49ers roster is their tight end, George Kittle. His superpower is winning battles against smaller slot corners or slower safeties. Jalen Ramsey is neither.  This ought to be good.  After all, Kittle is a massive 6-foot-4 250-pound target, and he completely outsizes, outmuscles, or outruns the coverage assigned to him.

In two contests against the LA Rams in 2019, he caught 13 of 16 passes for 182 yards and a touchdown. Of course, many will recall the 3rd and 16 completion to Emmanuel Sanders in what appeared to be blown coverage by Ramsey. In reality, the blown assignment was Taylor Rapp, who overshot the play. Of course, Sanders is now playing for the New Orleans Saints, and the 49ers offense will sorely miss him on offense. With his departure, many expect Ramsey to neutralize Kittle.

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Defendable? Yes, with a plan

Can he?  That’s a good question. In the two games of 2019 where Kittle had sub-par performances versus both the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Football team, the greatest factor was his trying to playing in the Eastern Time Zone.  In the NFC playoffs, he was the focus of the defenses of both the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers. In those two games, he was a combined four of six passes caught for 35 yards and no touchdowns.

While both Minnesota and Green Bay shut down Kittle, neither team could stop the 49ers running attack.  The Rams seem to defend the 49ers running game a bit better. In two games, the Rams held the 49ers to 218 yards on 64 rushes but surrendered four rushing touchdowns.  Ramsey is strong enough is pass defense to neutralize Kittle in man coverage. With a strong run defense, the Rams could sweep the 49ers this year. We know that 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garappolo will throw off balance. Once more, pressure the quarterback, and let Ramsey do the rest.