7 underdog LA Rams UDFAs who have real shot to earn roster spot

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Defensive back Levonta Taylor

Levonta Taylor may not be on your radar, but he soon will be. The moment defensive back Levonta Taylor’s name appeared in the LA Rams list of players signed after the draft, the buzz began. I admit that while I liked the pick, the feedback I began to receive indicated that many expected his name to be called as early as day two of the 2020 NFL Draft. After all, he has the skills of both a safety and a cornerback. That’s the combination that is the top of the shopping list for so many NFL teams now, as the offense has gone from speed to size in the receiving game.

His draft profile does not highlight an elite playmaker. Nor does it discount the player. it describes a player who arrived as an elite talent, suffered back and hamstrings in his junior season, and was not the same when he returned to the field. Can the Rams coaching staff be the right folks to crack the code and unleash all of Taylor’s talent in a defense? If he is willing to put in the work, yes.

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Versatile enough to win a spot

Athletically, he is gifted. Like 99th percentile gifted. And he’s versatile. He’s a strong background at both cornerback and safety in college. If you want a video treat, we have one for you HERE IN THIS WORKOUT VIDEO.  His back and hamstring issues were enough to create a medical flag, and NFL teams were skittish enough to steer clear of any unknowns on prospects with so many unknowns to manage in terms of the season.

While he won’t have many opportunities to flash brilliance for the Rams defensive coaching staff, his pedigree and versatility may afford him an opportunity to show the team what he can do for them this season. If he is healthy, he can shine.  Oh, how he can shine!  In fact, the short training camp and no preseason games may actually work in his favor. He is an athletic superstar, and as such will no doubt generate plenty of buzz in training camp.  Keep him on your radar.