9 LA Rams players from FCS Schools may be difference makers

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9 LA Rams players from FCS Schools may be difference makers

The LA Rams do not hesitate to find talent from any source. So it comes as no surprise that the Rams appeared on NFLDraftDiamonds.com Dalmond Talbot’s list of 291 players on NFL rosters who graduated from FCS Division I schools. While many college football fans constantly hear about FBS Division III football programs, FCS Division I schools are not nearly as fortunate in reaching a national audience.

That is not to say that their football programs are any less competitive, nor are they inferior talent. Many NFL players hail from these smaller football programs as the stepping stone to an NFL career.  After all, the rosters of so many schools truly possess those talented players who will share the burden and the reward of an NFL career. And as NFL scouting departments become more sophisticated and integrate more refined tools and technology, the ability to discover, vet, and fit players from a far larger number of schools are becoming second nature now.

Finders keepers

Still, finding the players falls upon the easier side of the curve. Developing them into NFL caliber starters is where the rubber hits the pavement.  For the LA Rams, they’ve had success. After all, who can argue over their finds of WR Cooper Kupp and OLB Samson Ebukam from Eastern Washington University, ILB Troy Reeder from Delaware, and OG Jamil Demby from Maine?

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As competition heats up over talented players from major football programs heats up, the true difference makers between winning and lost in the NFL falls to these players who have slipped past many NFL teams unnoticed. That’s the secret to remaining over .500 for the past three seasons. So who are these difference makers? Many are new to the team, so we’ll make the introductions starting there first.