LA Rams schedule 2020 game by game prediction

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Doing the December drive

WEEK 13· Sun 12/06· 1:05 pm PT @ Arizona Cardinals (5-10-1)

The Arizona Cardinals were very busy adding offensive weapons in the offseason. The addition of De”Andre Hopkins has placed lots of pressure upon NFC West teams. Thankfully, the Rams have Hopkins arch-nemesis, Jalen Ramsey, who historically plays Hopkins very well. Meanwhile, the Rams play very well against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals’ defense did not improve. Unfortunately for them, the Rams offense did. This could be a record game for Rams QB Jared Goff.

Rams 41 Cardinals 14 (Rams 10-2  Cardinals 5-7)

WEEK 14· Thu 12/10· 5:20 pm PT hosting New England Patriots (12-4)

The New England Patriots are suddenly looking like a team aiming at the top draft pick for 2021. The team is still good, quite good. But after six players have opted out this season, it’s hard to project the team back in the playoffs this year. But the LA Rams want a win, and that means that whoever shows up in a Patriots uniform had better be prepared to play.

The Patriots may still be strong enough to compete for the AFC East, as neither the Dolphins nor the Jets appear to be in a position to challenge for the crown. If the Rams were facing a division rival the following week, this could be a dangerous game. As it now stands, the Rams win a game they should.

Rams 30 Patriots 24 (Rams 11-2  Patriots 7-6)

Upside of LA Rams left guard Austin Corbett is undeniable. light. More


WEEK 15· TBD· TBD hosting New York Jets (7-9)

The New York Jets traded Jamal Adams, which gives them a much stronger chance of improving next season at the expense of being a bad team this season. Many believe that Jets QB Sam Darnold is poised to break out this season.  I don’t.  In fact, I can see the Rams having a good day in terms of turnovers in this one. The Jets offensive line is young, the Rams defensive line is packed with veterans.

Quarterback pressure is the difference-maker in this one. And for once, it’s not the Rams QB Jared Goff feeling the heat. Originally, this was a potential trap game for the Rams. No Jamal Adams playing for the Jets really hurts their chances in this one.

Rams 31 Jets 10 (Rams 12-2  Jets 6-8)

WEEK 16· Sun 12/27· 1:05 pm PT @ Seattle Seahawks (11-5)

The LA Rams travel to take on the Seattle Seahawks in a must-win game for Seattle. The Rams are coasting a bit, having come to the pinnacle of the NFC West,   A desperate Seahawks team led by Russell Wilson is a dangerous team indeed. In this one, Wilson pulls off another late-game heroics and passes the ball flawlessly to put up two scores to win the game.

The win puts the Seahawks to within a game of the Rams heading into the final week.  But the Rams take on the Cardinals, while the Seahawks get the 49ers.

Seahawks 30  Rams 28  (Rams 12-3 Seahawks 11-4)