LA Rams OT Noteboom likely Whitworth’s understudy

(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

With no rookie reinforcements, the LA Rams will likely develop OT Joseph Noteboom as Andrew Whitworth’s backup as the offensive left tackle

The LA Rams knew that they would need to stack up the offensive line talent to address their need for a left tackle successor for veteran Andrew Whitworth. From the outside looking in, the 2020 NFL Draft seemed to offer a number of solid offensive line prospects who might fill the Rams’ needs for future development. Some of those players were not drafted.  So imagine our simmering confusion and disappointment when we looked to the final 90 man roster and found no clear backup for Whitworth.

So we began to analyze the players on the roster who might be suited for the role. After signing for a three-year contract extension, we had to ask ourselves if the Rams truly believe Big Whit will start all three seasons.  Our answer? No. In fact, 2020 may be the last year for his presumed ability to start for the Rams. With no new players, we tried to fit existing players into the backup role.  Our study concluded that Joseph Noteboom was the most likely player to take the primary backup role, with Chandler Brewer likely competing for the second backup for the left tackle position.

Next up Noteboom

Due to health concerns, Brewer has exercised his Opt-out option for the 2020 NFL season. That likely leaves Noteboom to cover for the left tackle position. But did we arrive at the correct conclusion? Have the Rams another player in mind for the left tackle role?

LA Rams general manager Les Snead stated that the plan was to groom Noteboom to take over for Whitworth, but that Noteboom’s season-ending injury in 2019 derailed those plans.  That is history now, and with Whitworth back at the starting role, the Rams have bought time to develop a replacement for Whitworth. Is Noteboom still in the on-deck circle? According to Stu Jackson, yes.

After all, Andrew Whitworth is 6-foot-7 and weighs 330-pounds. Joseph Noteboom is close, standing 6-foot-5 and weighing 321-pounds. With the Rams likely carrying 8 offensive linemen on the active roster, plus two on the practice squad, earning the backup role for the all-important left tackle backup role practically ensures Noteboom will make the 2020 53-man roster. Of course, he must win the role. But the guess is that he will be a far more prepared offensive lineman for this season.

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Will the Rams gamble pay off this year? Time will tell. But they certainly deserve some respect for standing behind their players. That, more than anything else, could pay off quite handsomely this year.