LA Rams will be rocking 2020 HBO Hard Knocks August 11

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LA Rams HBO Hard Knocks
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Things to watch for

With every NFL team that appears on the annual HBO Hard Knocks series, I try to make a list of things to look for to improve the entertainment value of the program.  We have already given a sneak preview of the series when we previously recommended keeping a close eye on the Rams running backs. That was just an appetizer to what this broadcast can provide.

The Rams must find the right combination of Malcolm Brown, Darrell Henderson, John Kelly, Cam Akers, and Xavier Jones to replace the production of former running back Todd Gurley. So what other things should you be looking for when you tune in? Oh my, the list goes on and on and on.

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Take the right perspective

There will a lot of HBO edited perspectives. After all, it’s a television series intended to entertain a national audience. The broadcast will not be intended to provide any key information or critical clues as to what the Rams plays, depth chart, or players will look like in the season.

That’s not to say that this information will not be present. It simply won’t be gift wrapped for you. But if you are observant, you’ll find the clues you need. Video footage will be edited. In the end, the broadcast only presents the images and the context designed by the show’s producers.  Plenty of footage will never make the broadcast.