Training Camp! Quick tour of LA Rams 7 key advantages

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LA Rams training camp
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TRAINING CAMP! LA Rams finally assemble to prepare for the 2020 NFL season. Here’s a quick tour of 7 key advantages they have.

The NFL is a game of inches. The LA Rams understand that rule and have been both a team blessed and cursed by it. Win a playoff game by a missed call by an NFL official?  Followed by losing two games the following year by mere inches that kept the team out of the NFL playoffs. What goes around comes around.

But fortune favors the bold. The Rams are an aggressive organization that has paid the cost of losing their wager this off-season. To read the stories about the Rams in national sports outlets, you’d think that the Rams gambled and lost on practically every roster gamble taken by the team in the past three seasons. Yes. The Rams gambled. But ignoring the results of 11-5, 13-3, and 9-7 seasons over the course of taking those risks is an affront to basic logic.

Strategy works

Of course, with a combined 33-15 record over the past three seasons, there was more at work than just blind luck. The Rams truly are currently one of the better run NFL organizations. What makes them successful? Well, the first thing to jump off the page is the fact that the LA Rams seem to play chess among many NFL teams who play checkers. That means many teams make personnel decisions in an immediate present-tense perspective.

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Meanwhile, the LA Rams are making moves today to impact next season. Or even two years down the road. The Rams draft for next year. That allows the team to fill anticipated roster holes with young replacement players, but still gives the team a year of tryouts to determine if that player will be ready when the time for promotion comes.