Training Camp! Quick tour of LA Rams 7 key advantages

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LA Rams Training Camp
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Minimal roster impact so far

One of the first advantages the LA Rams enjoy so far is one of the more volatile. So even as I type this in, I’m knocking on wood with my other hand for good luck. I’m looking at the Rams’ negative roster impacts on the roster so far.  And so far, there has been little to nothing to report. While some teams have major players suffering from significant injuries, the Rams remain relatively healthy. So far, reports are that all players injured last season are healthy enough to practice this year.

Yes, there was the decision of Chandler Brewer to opt-out this season. While I fully support that decision, it won’t have much of a negative impact. In fact, his decision to Opt-out may place both him and the Rams in a better situation for 2021.  Are there any other events in terms of the Rams roster impact?  So far, it’s been very quiet. And for once, quiet is a very good thing.

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COVID-19 reserve

Two rookies were assigned to the Rams COVID-19 reserve list on July 31, 2020. Rookie OLB Terrell Lewis and DT Michael Hoecht were both placed on the team’s COVID-19 reserve list. With the team advancing to Phase I of training camp beginning, any player who misses time will find it nearly impossible to make up the difference. Thankfully, Hoecht was removed from the COVID-19 reserve list on August 2, 2020, and returned to the active roster just in time to actively participate in all Rams’ training camp activities.

Meanwhile, rookie edge rusher Terrell Lewis remains on the COVID-19 reserve list and his availability for the 2020 NFL season opener is now a question mark. That could leave the Rams a bit light in the depth chart for that position come opening day. Of course, the Rams could always talk to former player Clay Matthews about a cameo appearance on the team until Lewis is fully up to speed. While they did not end the relationship on the best of terms, the team and player could forge a temporary truce long enough for Matthews to help the team out of a tight spot.