Training Camp! Quick tour of LA Rams 7 key advantages

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LA Rams Training camp
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Consistent coaching staff planning ahead for 2020 challenges

As soon as the Rams brought in new coordinators Brandon Staley, Kevin O’Connell, and John Bonamego, the tone of the team changed dramatically.  The team seemed to convert disappointment and frustration into resolve and motivation practically overnight. It was a huge turn for the Rams and led to some wise decisions.

One wise choice was the decision to keep all three new coordinators in Los Angeles and send just their scouts and personnel staff to the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine. That decision allowed the team’s new coaching additions to familiarize themselves with the entire coaching staff while building an entire repoire with one another in advance of the 2020 NFL season.  A byproduct allowed the Rams to gain a headstart on virtual technology and meetings. That experience proved very advantageous as the NFL rolled out the virtual off-season program for this year.

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All sync’d up and no place to go

From the end of the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine, the NFL has been locked into an endless cycle of confirming conditions and regulations, conducting NFL-NFLPA negotiations, revising the rules, rolling out new rules for 2020, and then back to confirming conditions and regulations. That cycle won’t end now that training camp is underway. In fact, the sudden activation of 32 NFL teams, monitoring their status, and feedback provided by both the teams and the players, may accelerate tweaks for a few weeks.

The Rams wise synchronized their coaching staff just in time to be subjected to the NFL’s edict to conduct all OTA’s in a virtual environment, eliminate the use of team facilities, prohibit coach-player direct contact, and a host of other never-before-seen rules. Initially, head coach Sean McVay was rather skeptical over how this would all work. Now he has softened a bit and is described as feeling more optimistic.