Training Camp! Quick tour of LA Rams 7 key advantages

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LA Rams Training camp
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Defensive line

The LA Rams have gone from the third-ranked defensive line in the NFL in 2019 to one that projects to be the best. How so? The LA Rams return all starters from 2019’s squad. The Rams young defensive linemen Morgan Fox, Sebastian Joseph-Day, and Greg Gaines have another year of experience and development. And the Rams have signed a true nose tackle to the team in A’Shawn Robinson.

While adding Robinson may not seem like a huge move, it allows the Rams to maintain both Donald and Brockers at the defensive end positions for most of their snaps, freeing up both to make a more significant impact on defense.  And with that starting group, the Rams have many options to stunt, flex, add a lineman, or even give Donald an option to stand up on a play or two.

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Backups worth snaps

The quality of the defense does not go down as much as you might think when the Rams rotate in their younger players Sebastian Joseph-Day, Morgan Fox, or Greg Gaines. SJD was last year’s starter, and he will be particularly motivated to earn as many snaps as possible. Morgan Fox had good production rushing the quarterback last year, and should pick up right where he left off last year.  This could be the year that defensive lineman Greg Gaines pulls it all together and has a great year. If not, there are new additions eager for a roster spot.

Undrafted DL Michael Hoecht is all kinds of exciting.  He is joined by Marquise Copeland and Eric Banks as players who are fighting to remain on the Rams roster. The team has already waived two players signed after the 2020 NFL Draft in Sam Renner and Greg Reaves. The Rams’ defensive line is bigger and stronger than a year ago. And any unit that boasts All-Pro Aaron Donald as a member will always be one of the NFL’s best.