LA Rams re-signing CB Jalen Ramsey has epic importance

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LA Rams Jalen Ramsey
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Setting the market for Ramsey

That time is now. The perceived value for Ramsey may have risen by as much as 25 percent from a baseline of $18 million/year to a new figure of about $22 million. Put in perspective, that’s an unlikely scenario during the football scenario where the NFL salary cap projections are plunging from $240 million to a new floor of just $175 million.

The old number was based on CB Byron Jones $82.5 million for five years with the Miami Dolphins. The new number came from a social media exchange between Darius Slay and Jalen Ramsey. Of course, they are observing the latest contract signed by Los Angeles Chargers pass-rusher Joey Bosa.

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$19 million seems right

I am in the $19 million/year ballpark, where Pro Football Focus Brad Spielbergers sees Ramsey’s final average coming in at. That pushes the market for elite cornerbacks up by 15 percent.  Applying a 15 percent escalator to Jone’s contract terms yields the following figures: $28.75 million cash now, $40.825 million guaranteed money, and $19 million per year for five years. That contract will be a five-year deal worth $95 million.

Jalen Ramsey is going to flourish with the LA Rams defense. So the price for keeping him will only go up the longer the team delays the inevitable. While we can hope for a home-town discount, you can believe that players can always find an acceptable offer elsewhere.  The only way that the Rams prevents that from happening, is to meet Ramsey’s price now before he can shop.