LA Rams are scrambling for mobile QBs to develop in Training camp

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LA Rams Training camp
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OC critical for Rams success

The Rams were not just enamored with Kevin O’Connell hailing from the coaching staff of the Washington Football team like McVay. McVay has a defined and critical set of characteristics for the new offensive coordinator. McVay recognized his vulnerabilities in the 2019 season.  Vulnerabilities that we all know by heart now.

The Rams offense was so unfamiliar that it was confusing. The Rams offensive line was banged up the entire season. The Rams running game could not run between the tackles. But worst of all, the Rams failed to find answers until December 2019. In short, McVay was stretched too thin. He had failed to ensure his franchise quarterback had enough support. He failed to open the playbook up to the possibility of a dual-threat quarterback option. He failed to help the offensive line out, despite starting players who practically just deboarded from the plane.

Also. LA Rams schedule for 2020 road games is now terrifying. light


And he had locked into his plays emotionally. That means, he was too resistant to let go of plays that were too easily defended in games. The Pittsburgh Steelers game was the game that broke the camel’s back.  Center Brian Allen fell to a knee injury, and his season ended.  That snapped the Rams head coach into seeing his team without the rose-colored glasses. And it was then that the reality of “our offensive line is really struggling” hit home. Then, and only then, did everything change.

Suddenly, the Rams transformed from seldomly using 12 packages to using them for two-thirds of the offensive plays. Not just two tight-ends on the line, but also the Rams moved TE Johnny Mundt into the backfield. The light bulb lit. The Rams offense sprang to life, averaging 29.2 points per game in the final five weeks of the season. McVay needed a second set of eyes to see what was happening and improvise.