3 ways to pave LA Rams road back to the NFL Super Bowl

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Football Gameplan analyzed the LA Rams 2020 NFL season, and host Emory Hunt does a great job of breaking it all down

The LA Rams may not be wowing some of the top names in the national media circuit right now. Still, the team has been slowly winning over some advocates. In fact, as I was researching a story, I stumbled across another projection of the LA Rams.  This one was different though, as it was a comprehensive video analyzing the LA Rams in depth.

Have you ever stumbled onto something in a flurry, paused anyways to check it out, then be so incredibly thankful that you did? Well, I had that experience recently when I stumbled onto Football Gameplan’s 2020 NFL Team Preview: Los Angeles Rams. It was a 20-minute video projecting the LA Rams 2020 outcome, and it was hosted by Emory Hunt.

Solid video breakdown

Unlike so many who simply invest minimal work to analyze the Rams, Hunt proved almost immediately that he had done his homework.  The result was a comprehensive video analysis that touched base on so many aspects of the team, such as:

– Four-Minute Offense
– Offense – Positional Breakdown
– Defense – Positional Breakdown
– Training Camp Quick Hits
– Reasons for Optimism
– Reasons for Concern
– What must the team do to get back onto the road to the Super Bowl
– Prediction

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The video’s most interesting quality was a breakdown of things the Rams must accomplish to get back to the Super Bowl this year.  In the video, Hunt listed the Rams running game, the linebacker play, and HC Sean McVay restoring his magic as the three main items needed. While I truly enjoyed the video analysis, the discussion triggered my own thought about the Rams list of “must do’s” to get back to the Super Bowl, and I found myself arriving at a very similar three-item list: