3 ways to pave LA Rams road back to the NFL Super Bowl

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Step I – Become one of  NFL’s Top-10 rushing attacks

The LA Rams may have an excellent passing attack, but it all starts with the run.  We saw it with the struggles of the offensive line, and with the struggles of veteran running back Todd Gurley. The Rams offense lives and dies by the running game. Return explosiveness and production to the run, and suddenly the Rams offense is cooking with gas once more.

The trick is not to get all hung up on using the minimum number of blockers to make it happen. Hopefully, the lessons from 2019 by using two tight ends in the offensive formation will not be easily forgotten in 2020. The Rams became incredibly creative with two tight ends, using Tyler Higbee as a primary receiving threat and Johnny Mundt as a primary blocker.  In fact, the Rams used Mundt both on the offensive line and in the backfield with devastating effect.

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Domino effect

The Rams offense had a lot of reasonable causes for their 2019 underperformance. Right now, those conditions are no longer in effect, which gives the Rams reason to presume they’ll better performance in 2020 as the base projection. So that gives reason for a better showing from the offensive line.  That in turn gives the Rams hope for better performance running between the tackles. That, in turn, slows down the pass and give Goff more opportunities to make his progression reads. The running game adds yards, moves the chains, and eats up the game clock.

But it also opens up an entirely new section of the Rams playbook. The Rams passing attack is so effective because the Rams’ use of three wide receivers forces defenses to go with nickel and dime packages. That should allow the Rams to run into that.  If defenses stick with stronger run defense, the Rams can beat them through the air. Defenses were able to shut down both run and pass in 2019 because they controlled the line of scrimmage. The Rams will look to retake the line of scrimmage in 2020, and with it, get the running game into the NFL’s Top-10.