LA Rams roster QB depth concerning to NFL experts

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The LA Rams roster, particularly quarterback depth, is concerning to NFL senior analyst Gil Brandt

When the LA Rams starting quarterback Jared Goff walks into the meeting room for that position, he brings with him all the experience for the team at that position. All of it. His backup John Wolford managed to make the practice squad roster for 2019, but he has no NFL experience on a 53-man roster.  The quarterbacks who back him up?  Undrafted free agents Josh Love and Bryce Perkins.

That is a sum total of four NFL seasons.  Four seasons for four quarterbacks. And the situation has been magnified as the Rams most certainly counted on preseason games to get the quarterback depth sorted out.

No dress rehearsal

Of course, preseason games haven’t happened. All of these events seem to be playing into a June 2020 article written by senior analyst Gil Brandt. In his Biggest Roster holes for NFL teams article, he cites the Rams’ lack of a veteran quarterback in the depth chart as a problem waiting to happen.

"I’m not trying to jinx anyone here, but I’ll note that Jared Goff has managed to make it through three-and-a-half injury-free seasons as the Rams’ starting quarterback. If something were to happen to him, a team that is built to win now would likely be in serious trouble, given that current backup John Wolford spent last season on the practice squad after failing to stick with the Jets as an undrafted free agent, while the other two quarterbacks on the roster — Bryce Perkins and Josh Love — are undrafted rookies.. – Gil Brandt, senior analyst"

Brandt goes on to cite the Rams possibility of signing now-New England Patriots QB Cam Newton or signing former Rams QB Blake Bortles. And the need to sign on someone was prior to the realization that COVID-19 as an ongoing concern can quickly move through a roster.  The idea of a quarantine quarterback on NFL rosters “just in case” was discussed at length.

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Come on five!

Rams quarterback Jared Goff has not missed a single game in all four NFL seasons. Must like Gil Brandt, while we don’t want to trigger a jinx, it’s naive to think that the trend will continue each season.  The Rams spent a lot on Goff, and are trying to balance their roster by going cheap and inexperienced at the other QB spots.

It’s quite a gamble. It could pay off handsomely if Goff remains healthy. The risk is doubled this year as the Rams’ players not only face injury but COVID-19 as well.  There is even a possibility of a false-positive test result.  Navigating the 2020 season while facing that many derails will be quite the feat.

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The Rams believe they can do it with minimal insurance. Here’s hoping they win that bet.