LA Rams News: 12 package sets NFC West scrambling to duplicate

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Rams return to 2019 success

And so we’ve circled back to the LA Rams. After all, they began this trend, so it’s only fitting that we feature their tight ends in a form of sports rebuttal.  You see, there is a consensus that is building among savvy fantasy football team owners that Rams TE Tyler Higbee will be a PPR leader in this year’s tight end group. While that may be correct, the Rams also have tight end Gerald Everett playing in his contract year in 2020.

The Rams got a lot of mileage out of blocking tight end Johnny Mundt in the later stages of the 2019 season.  He lined up on the line of scrimmage and in the offensive backfield. While he was only a minimal contributor in the passing game, he was devastatingly effective as a blocker. Not only did he bolster the Rams running game, but he gave quarterback Jared Goff more comfort in the passing game to find the open receiver.

New wrinkles

While the Rams COULD roll with a three or four tight-end formations under specific down and distance criteria, the likely most the Rams will commit to is to revamp last year’s two tight-end sets with more play options.  If the Rams go with two tight end sets combining Everett and Higbee, the plays can feature either as a primary receiver.  Meanwhile, the Rams have rookie Brycen Hopkins to add to the mix.

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2020 will be a very fluid season. Player development will continue to progress virtually all season.  While the teams will work very hard to prepare younger players for contributing late in the season, they will also be warding off injuries and testing positive for COVID-19 all season long.  The Rams have a good plan in place. Plenty of veteran expertise, but a young player to sneak into the rotation.  This will be a very intriguing year.