LA Rams News: 2020 schedule opposing offenses 2nd-easiest EPA

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LA Rams News: 2020 schedule opposing offenses 2nd-easiest Expected Points Added, or EPA

The latest LA Rams News uncovers another small but very optimistic statistic for 2020. You see, the Rams have many ways to look at the 2020 schedule. But I’m willing to bet that they do not often consider their opponents offense EPA – or Expected Points Added.

But in a bit of research, I found an article discussing all 32 NFL team schedules for 2020 at  Of the 32 teams, the LA Rams have the second easiest schedule in the NFL in terms of EPA.

For reference sake, the Arizona Cardinals have the easiest schedule in terms of their opponents’ offense EPA. The Seattle Seahawks face the sixth-easiest schedule.  Finally, the San Francisco 49ers face the seventh easiest schedule.

The reason being is the makeup of the NFL schedule itself, as the NFC West faces teams from the AFC East and the NFC East, two NFL divisions with the lowest grades in Expected Points Added for their respective teams’ offenses.

What about Rams’ tough schedule?

Of course, the way you see the 2020 schedule changes how you perceive it. The traditional method is simply to compare this year’s scheduled teams with their previous season’s records. In that perspective, the LA Rams will face the tenth-toughest schedule in 2020.  Of course, that is just one way to look at it.

The Rams face the NFC East, but three of the NFC East teams have a new coaching staff.  Meanwhile, the Rams also face the AFC East, but two of those teams will have a new quarterback under center.  Just as the Rams have a new team with new coordinators, veterans who have healed and are ready to go, and a class of rookies eager to impact the team, so to do other NFL teams.

Rams’ defensive coordinator Brandon Staley has to be happy when he learns this bit of news. While the Rams have some of the most accomplished defensive stars in the NFL, he is installing a new never-seen-before version of the 3-4 defense.  While it is based upon disguise and deception, there will certainly be bugs to work out as the season progresses.

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Can the Rams take advantage of the second-easiest schedule of opposing offenses; EPA?  That will be determined this year. Although, this does paint a different picture for the Rams defense this year.