LA Rams can reduce offensive linemen in 7 NFL trade options

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Las Vegas Raiders

Raiders general manager Mike Mayock has been very deliberate in his moves this off-season. He added veteran guard Richie incognito to bolster the offensive line. But Incognito turns 37 this summer, he knows he needs depth on the offensive line, and he knows where the bargains will be found.

The LA Rams will have plenty of players to deal with discounts. But not too steep, as the 2020 NFL season is filled with challenges that can wreck a roster very quickly. So the LA Rams are heavy on offensive linemen, and the team will likely part with several outright on their way to carry eight players for the regular-season roster.

Also. Look for LA Rams running game to be a by-chapter effort this season. light

Let’s make a deal!

The Raiders have money and opportunity. The team is building a competitor, slowly but surely.  So the trick is to squeeze them for the value that their GM Mayock is willing to ignore.  Right now, that’s late rounds in the 2021 NFL Draft.  The Rams could convert either Jeremiah Kolone or Coleman Shelton into a conditional sixth-round pick from the Raiders.

This deal gives the Rams a late-round draft pick in 2021 for a player likely to be cut outright this year.  It also gives the Raiders a player to develop and carry on their expanded practice squad until next year, for the price of a late-round pick in 2021 at a time that it will be nearly impossible to scout for hidden gems in the draft.