LA Rams can reduce offensive linemen in 7 NFL trade options

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New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are where the LA Rams were a year ago, but with players falling off the roster during training camp allows their front office the opportunity to adapt. The Patriots have the most players choosing to opt-out in the NFL. Now, seventh-round center Dustin Woodward has decided to call it quits.

That will force the Patriots to do a bit of roster shuffling, all in response to unanticipated holes in their roster. Eventually, everything will all sort itself out. After all, they are the Patriots, and as long as Bill Belichick remains as their head coach, they will be competitive. The only problem is bridging the gap for 2020 with so many players opting out.

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Let’s make a deal!

New England knows how to coach up players for their system.  And the Patriots are a well-oiled machine in terms of getting the most out of players who then struggle in other systems. But they swung and missed with their attempt to draft an NFL center for the future. The LA Rams have some to spare.

With last year’s starter Brian Allen now looking at a backup role this year, the Rams could make him available to the Patriots for a conditional third-round pick.  That will ensure that the Patriots have a center for the future, and allow the Rams to carry rookie Cohl Cabral while investing in a solid player in the 2021 NFL Draft