LA Rams can reduce offensive linemen in 7 NFL trade options

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New York Giants

The New York Giants have needs for offensive linemen, specifically offensive tackles. Right now, they have a gaping hole at the right tackle position. Yes, the Giants drafted for the spot and are excited about the future. They have a right to be.  Unfortunately, they are subject to the same rules as all 32 NFL teams.

With a new head coach, coaching staff, offensive playbook, and a host of rookies trying to learn an NFL system, there are far too many things that can “go wrong” before they go right.  And that’s a critical piece for the Giants this year. The front office for the Giants knows what tough sledding their team has for this season.  So there is a call that the team can make to help out.  Say, to the LA Rams?

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Let’s make a deal!

The Giants are rebuilding this year. But the team is confident enough in their young quarterback and running back that investing in the offensive line is a smart place to park talent.  And while the Giants did address the offensive line in the NFL Draft, the chances of any rookie offensive linemen holding their own this season is remote indeed.

The Giants could have Bobby Evans on their roster for the 2020 NFL season for a conditional third-round pick. While their rookies will likely be future starters, Evans could start for their team this year, and then take on a backup role next season if the Giants rookies pan out.  Of course, there is no guarantees for the Giants’ rookies to work out, so Evans is a wise insurance policy.