4 hot LA Rams takeaways from HBO Hard Knocks: LA – Episode 2

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LA Rams Hard Knocks
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Two more takeaways

A curious statistic developed for the LA Rams in 2019. The offense seemed to have no trouble moving the ball down the field. But when the Rams got close to the red zone, the team relied far too heavily upon the running game. That may change this season.

Takeaway 2: The Rams offense clearly practiced two-point plays (which are also red zone plays). The curious fact of those two-point conversions? The Rams passed in those situations. While that in itself may not mean much unto itself,  it does bear some consideration when contrasted with the Rams struggles to score in the red zone with the passing game.

In 2019, the Rams were a pitiful 25 percent successful on two-point conversion plays. That was only good enough for the 24th-ranked team in the NFL. The Rams clearly need to improve that drastically.  The drills today, although early, seemed to be crisp and quickly executed.

LA Ramsey

Takeaway 1: LA Rams star cornerback Jalen Ramsey loves Los Angeles and the Rams, and is confirmed to be house hunting in LA. Confirmed, because Hard Knocks: LA featured Ramsey house hunting in Los Angeles, down to the point where one home shown to him was decorated for Ramsey himself, complete with family photos and in the style he would enjoy.

Next. Look for LA Rams offense to adapt quickly in 2020. dark

That’s not the actions taken by a player looking to move in a year. I see this as a team and agent agreeing in principle to the round dollar amount.  Now it’s the fine detail that enables the Rams to get to that number and still afford other players as well. I can’t see Ramsey playing elsewhere in 2021.  I am still curious as to who the Rams re-sign as well for next season.