LA Rams News: OLB Leonard Floyd leads surprising LB surge in 2020

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LA Rams Leonard Floyd
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LA Rams News: OLB Leonard Floyd knows DC Brandon Staley’s system. He’ll be the surprise star of the defense this season

The LA Rams are finally getting the pads on, speeding up play, and banging some big ole bodies. Of course, the who, the where, and the when are all questions so far, particularly on defense.  After all, the Rams are transforming into a never-seen-before version of a 3-4 defense.  Right now, the only player who has the most experience in this virgin territory on the football field?  Outside linebacker Leonard Floyd, that’s who.

While still early, it’s given him quite the jump to the 2020 NFL season.  So far, that’s shown up on the practice field.

A veteran like Floyd is so very important to this defense. Why is that?

Experience is a premium for 2020

Outside linebacker Leonard Floyd walks onto the football field with experience of the Staley system. That gives him a serious advantage in what to expect.  As the Rams install their defense packages, that type of background is critically important to ensure defenders align properly and get auto-corrections during the games. After all, the Rams linebackers are a brand new crew.

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While the Rams linebackers are starting over from scratch this season, the team has a few opportunities to exceed expectations from the linebackers room. After all, the focus of everyone so far is the loss of key players from the linebacking corps of 2019. But what about the new linebackers playing in 2020?  Here are three upsides for LA Rams linebackers this year: