LA Rams News: Training camp offensive line updates as pads go on

(Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images)
(Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images) /

LA Rams News: Training camp offensive line updates as pads go on

The LA Rams online-streaming of training camp is already revealing the offensive line strategies for the line at the line of scrimmage.   We know that the Rams started without pads by putting the starters as 6-foot-7 330-pound left tackle Andrew Whitworth,  6-foot-4 306-pound left guard Austin Corbett,  6-foot-3 298-pound center Austin Blythe, 6-foot-6 308-pound right guard David Edwards, and 6-foot-8 330-pound right tackle Rob Havenstein.

But when the pads went on, the Rams changed things up.  The new offensive line configuration is left tackle Andrew Whitworth, 6-foot-5 321-pound left guard Joseph Noteboom, center Austin Blythe, right guard Austin Corbett, and right tackle Rob Havenstein. For some fans, based on comments in both articles and in social media, David Edwards is more of an offensive tackle.

The flavor of the day or menu changed?

Is this a permanent shift, or just a new flavor of the day?  To be honest, the Rams like Noteboom at left guard.  And Edwards, who did an admirable job last season at the guard position, is more likely focused upon backing up at the offensive tackle position this year. The Rams need depth at the tackle positions.  With the latest shift of starters, that likely now moves 6-foot-6 Edwards in line to back up Whitworth (a good move) and 6-foot-4 312-pound Bobby Evans as the primary backup at right tackle.

The Rams continue to express the offense with significant doses of 12 packages. Right now, that is a blending of Tyler Higbee and Gerald Everett. With Brycen Hopkins on-deck, and Johnny Mundt rolling in multiple roles, the Rams have plenty of personnel to rotate through on offense this season.

Reconfigured depth chart

I think the latest and greatest configuration is the one that “sticks”. While I think Edwards is solid at right guard, the Rams need a backup for Whitworth, and Edwards is ideally suited there. With the new starters, you can look for the primary backups to be: 6-foot-6 308-pound left tackle, David Edwards, 6-foot-5 321-pound left guard Jamil Demby,  6-foot-2 303-pound center Brian Allen, 6-foot-2 312-pound right guard Tremayne Anchrum, and 6-foot-4 312-pound right tackle Bobby Evans.

That leaves 6-foot-5 304-pound offensive lineman Cohl Cabral, 6-foot-4 299-pound Coleman Shelton, and 6-foot-3 316-pound offensive lineman Jeremiah Kolone fighting for snaps and a spot on the team’s practice squad.

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The LA Rams offensive line will be improved in 2020. No, not to the top-10 ranking. But even an improvement to the middle of the pack would be an outstanding improvement. Today was the first hint of who will likely get the starts at offensive line.  Look for some more configuration changes in the days ahead. In any case, the pads came on today. Football is back!