Look for LA Rams offense to adapt quickly in 2020

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The LA Rams’ struggled in 2019 with inflexibility. Combining HC Sean McVay with OC Kevin O’Connell fixes that for 2020

The LA Rams head coach Sean McVay hired Kevin O’Connell to assist him with setting up the game plan for 2020 games. In 2019, that proved to be a weak area for the team.  You see, the perils of the LA Rams offense in 2019 had many contributing factors. Injuries to the offensive line, less than 100 percent health for featured running back Todd Gurley, inability to recognize and seal off A-gap blitzes, an inability to run between the offensive tackles, and even the inability to connect on the deep ball.

As the 2019 season progressed, it was clear to practically everyone but the Rams coaching staff that the Rams offense was not the same offense everyone expected.  The rhythm seemed off-kilter, quarterback Jared Goff seemed rattled, running back Todd Gurley appeared to a be a pale version of his former self.

Yesterday’s gone, except for lessons learned

Even the defense seemed to have forgotten how to defend against the run. While the defense had its own set of issues, the offensive struggles surprised many. If viewers could diagnose so many issues, why couldn’t the coaching staff?  That’s a question we’ll try to answer.

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Diagnosing those offensive struggles from 2019 would take a 50 slide article to do the topic justice. And by the time we got midway, the interest level for many dedicated fans would stray.  After all, let’s not kid ourselves. What’s done is done. What is of importance is what is the team doing to address those problems going into 2020. Well, sit down and pour yourself a beverage. You may not believe this, but?!