LA Rams Training camp Saturday scrimmage at SoFi Stadium

(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

LA Rams News: The Rams first scrimmage of training camp will be conducted this Saturday, August 22nd, at SoFi Stadium

The LA Rams are improvising. With no preseason games, the team can only do so much when practicing drills in training camp.  In essence, both sides of the ball know the play and the options.  it’s a practice drill, and it does exactly what is intended. The exercise affords both the offense and defense a controlled environment to establish plays to memory. It also gives the coaches visual feedback on how best to coach players going forward.

But a few things are missing.  Full speed plays for one thing. An element of surprise for another thing. Finally, with the compressed amount of time, players buried in the depth chart have almost no time to take the field and get quality snaps in a game-like situation.

MacGyver a fix

The Rams saw these limits and decided the best option to address these limits is to conduct a series of intrasquad scrimmages at SoFi Stadium. The first is scheduled for this Saturday, August 22nd.  The second scrimmage is scheduled for the following week, August 29th.

The scrimmage will also serve to familiarize the Rams with playing a simulated football game at the spectacular surroundings of SoFi.  Right now details are limited. But what should the Rams focus upon this Saturday?

Staley’s dress rehearsal

The fact is that LA Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley has not called defensive plays in a game before.  So that is likely one of the things that the Rams will work on this Saturday. To simulate game-like conditions, the Rams will likely mock offense plays in terms of scripted downs and distances.  Will that afford the Rams a chance to practice all aspects of the game?

Well, I’m not convinced that the team will simulate either punt or kick returns in the game. Those aspects of the game can result in untimely injuries, and will likely be passed over in the team’s initial scrimmage.

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There could be a period of time during the game where the Rams will attempt SoFi upright field goals. That would be entertaining to see.  Since the Rams will likely be simulating the conditions experienced in the season opener, the team could be working out the plays for that game, plus the flow for the opener. While I’ve asked whether any reporters or media coverage of the event will be forthcoming, I wouldn’t hold my breath.