LA Rams QB Goff’s path from good to great happens in 2020

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LA Rams Jared Goff
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New improved Goff

Jared Goff showed up to training camp in the best shape of his life.  The pre-camp work to get Goff here is one part offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell, one part working with the experts at 3DQB, one part Goff working out, and one part changing the offense game philosophy. After all, quarterbacks are limited to the plays called. Perhaps the biggest improvement for the Rams in 2020 is the quality of the plays that will be called.

The Rams tried desperately to get WR Brandin Cooks involved in games. But his deep routes took time to develop, time that Goff seldom had. So he guessed at where Cooks might end up. The outcome of a pass sailing over Cooks’ outstretched arms left spectators that Goff had lost his touch. More accurately, Goff simply lost the time to wait for that route to develop. The Rams needed to up their tempo but didn’t.

Pick up the pace

To truly see what I mean, we need to step back in time to Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins highlights against a tough Philadelphia Eagles team. In that game, the Redskins offense set the tone with fast-paced plays which forced the Eagles defense to guess quickly. Misdirections, quick passes, and a nice blend of running and passing plays. In every play called, it’s easy to envision replicating that level of production, or better, with the Rams personnel.

Take note that Washington did have two backs behind the quarterback on some plays. The Rams can do a lot to help Goff ascend to great by simply becoming more unpredictable on offense.

So where does this leave us? The path to NFL greatness is finding more than what is there. Making Goff responsible for offensive plays in 2020 is liberating. If he owns it, he also owns fixing it. He owns equity in the offense. The Rams can hurt defenses in many ways.  Until now, the Rams have held to the same cadence, the same rhythm, the same timing.  Defenses broke that neutral territory by throwing everything at Goff in 2019.  Now, the Rams offense is up, and time is part of their arsenal as well.

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NFL Defenses started this one. Let’s see if they can finish it. My money is on the Rams offense this year.