5 free agents the LA Rams should bring in for tryouts

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While the LA Rams training camp shows promise, here are 5 players from NFL Free Agency who could put them in a better spot for a playoff run this year

The LA Rams are onto something special this season.  While the team has some lingering questions about the offensive line, linebackers, special teams, and to a lesser degree running back, the team is putting together a solid team. Adversity brings a team together. If the results of 2019 didn’t wake up the Rams, the endless predictions of the team’s instant and total demise in 2020 certainly has.

In response, the LA Rams have circled the wagons, put their heads down, and have taken on a workhorse mentality to get back to the NFL Playoffs this year. It’s a long journey from here to there. The key to success is to remain focused and healthy.  The rest is outside of the team’s control.

Course correction moves

Or, is it?  The Rams had a pretty good plan in place with limiting signing free agents this off-season. Instead, the team remained focused upon retaining their own players with expiring contracts.  It was the correct choice at the time.  But events have changed the circumstances a bit.

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Free Agent A’Shawn Robinson is out indefinitely with a reported cardiovascular condition. Not only does that dilute one of the strongest defensive lines in the NFL, but it also erodes the Rams’ intentions of using a stronger DL to help inexperienced linebackers. Well, the Rams have some pretty good options to explore in NFL Free Agency. Let’s look at five players who could have an immediate impact: