5 free agents the LA Rams should bring in for tryouts

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IOL Leary

Yes, that offensive line’s struggle to move the pile and get some push for interior running plays is weighing on my mind. Why shouldn’t it be? If you don’t fix something if it ain’t broken, then you must assume something is broken until you have proven that you’ve fixed it.  Right now, as much as I love what the Rams offensive line is showing so far, I remain a bit skeptical.

It’s training camp and despite the drills, one-on-one’s, and the scrimmages, the Rams players are not going to go full out against a teammate. They will pull up a bit to ensure they don’t injure a teammate. So while the LA Rams offensive line appears tougher, stronger, and better for the 2019 devastation, there will remain that question of how tough they are. That won’t be answered until the team does one of two things: mauls the Dallas Cowboys in the season opener, or signs someone from NFL Free Agency known for his snarl and toughness.

Hot. You’ve got to see LA Rams Joseph Noteboom to believe him. light

Snarl fangs and claws

Interior offensive lineman Ronald Leary is that type of offensive lineman that brings visions of snarls, fangs, and claws. At 6-foot-3 and 320-pounds, he is a powerful veteran of eight NFL seasons.  He allowed just one sack in 2019 out of 754 offensive snaps, landing him a modest 58.4 grade from Pro Football Focus. He struggled to remain clean last season, as he was called for eight penalties – the most of his career.

The Rams could give Leary a try out to see what he has left. If he pans out, he would be a strong competitor for the Rams, and at a minimum would be a nice veteran insurance policy in case the team encounters any mishaps or false positive tests with the offensive line players this season. While the team needs to be frugal for next year’s free-agent signings, the window of opportunity to take the NFC West Championship this year is real.  Leary is the type of player whose ferocity can change the demeanor of the entire offensive line.