Lirim Hajrullahu will be LA Rams new K, water is wet, and other facts

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Lirim Hajrullahu
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Ex-CFL kicker Lirim Hajrullahu will be LA Rams new kicker, water is wet, and other widely accepted established facts

Why have we been so certain that ex-CFL kicker Lirim Harjullahu will be the next LA Rams kicker? Well to reveal that, we’ll need to take a bit of a detour. You see, the legend of Lirim Hahrullahu was not born in Los Angeles or even the United States.

To truly understand why Lirim Hajrullahu is so unshakeable, you’ll need to travel the nearly 2,000 to Winnipeg, Canada.  Lirim Harrullahu began his kicking career with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League.  So that is where we will start this tale.

Winter wonderland

The CFL season runs from June to November. The hope to play football so early in the calendar year is to finish before the icy claws of old man winter sets in. Despite the effort, the CFL is a football game that is immersed in the elements. Wind, driving rain, heavy snow. Name the worst possible conditions to be outdoors and you will uncover the CFL typical weather report.

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Temperatures can run below zero. Winds can roar over 60 miles per hour.  Football is just one dramatic event. Staying warm is another. Finding shelter from swirling winds is another. Canadien Football League games are played, as a rule, outdoors.