5 possible surprises from LA Rams training camp

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LA Rams Training camp
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Surprise 3

The LA Rams discovered the value of a lead blocker out of the backfield in 2020. Not only did that extra protection help defend the pass rushers from getting to QB Jared Goff, but the presence of a lead blocker truly helped the Rams running game. So much so, that we truly expected the Rams to consider drafting, or at least signing after the draft, a fullback to deliver that block at the point of attack.

It wasn’t the only expectation that we got wrong. Still, the concept may yet flourish in the Rams offense this year, even without a formal fullback on the roster.  After all, the Rams managed to manufacture a blocking back in 2019 by sending tight end into the backfield, with better than expected results.

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Johnny to the back(field)

Now with offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell, Coach McVay will be pushed hard to replicate that same success this season.  That level of success, even with a healthy and improved offensive line, should not be left to random chance.  After all, force the defense to stop the offense. Never just stop running successful plays because the mood doesn’t strike you to do so.

To accomplish that, the Rams will need Johnny Mundt will line up in the backfield more than half of his snaps. Since he saw action in 2019 for 211 offensive snaps, let’s set that number at 100 snaps in the offensive backfield. After all, a healthy Everett will limit his playing time. Even with 100 snaps in the backfield, that’s an average of just over six snaps per game.