5 hot LA Rams training camp takeaways from Hard Knocks episode 3

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5 hot LA Rams training camp takeaways from HBO Hard Knocks: LA – episode 3

The LA Rams were featured in their third episode in the HBO popular series Hard Knocks: LA on August 25, 2020, Tuesday night. Each week, we emerge from the LA Rams knowing a little bit more about the team. From episode one, we came away with three takeaways. From episode two, we came away with four takeaways. So tonight, we will walk away with five takeaways.

The LA Rams are both blessed and cursed by being featured on the HBO Hard Knocks series.  Cursed in that it has added a few extra worries and concerns in an off-season already saturated in extra worries and concerns. That’s giving both the players and coaching staff one more distraction in a sea of distractions.

Blessing in disguise

On the other hand, the presence of HBO Hard Knocks is a familiar distraction in a year of surreal unfamiliarity. Both the coaches and players know how Hard Knocks works.  Rather than the background threat of a positive test for COVID-19 derailing a player or coach’s next two weeks, everyone can focus upon the guy with a camera.

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HBO Hard Knocks, for all of its inconvenience, adds eyes to the team from everywhere.  While most of us will discuss the latest episode with friends, some of us have the opportunity to put what we observed to a story to share and analyze. And still, fewer have the ears of players and coaches, and will not hesitate to provide honest critical feedback directly to those who can make changes. The series opens the LA Rams up to quality control specialists all over the planet.