5 hot LA Rams training camp takeaways from Hard Knocks episode 3

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LA Rams Hard Knocks Training Camp
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Takeaway 5

Takeaway 5: Scrimmaging at SoFi Stadium was an incredibly smart thing to do. Smart, wise, inspired.  All of the above. Someone in the LA Rams organization is thinking very clearly and has the power to coordinate a dress rehearsal for the team down to take a bus ride out to SoFi Stadium.

SoFi Stadium is breathtaking. A true wonder of the modern world, where technology has been infused into the very structure of the site that it all appears to be nearly a science fiction movie set. It’s impossible to look away from at first.  The lights. The enormous space.  The pristine football field? It’s almost as those the originator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, had personally designed the field.

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Shock and Awe

The wisdom of acclimating the team to SoFi Stadium this early does two positive things for the team. Initially, it removes that shock and awe effect that will occur to each and every team that visits the field for the first time this season. While it won’t be the only thing on the mind of visiting players who take the field, it most certainly will be a very tempting distraction.  The Rams, having had one scrimmage and aiming to play a second scrimmage this weekend, should have much less temptation to be distracted.

Perhaps the lesser of the two benefits for now, but far more important down the road, is planting the seed in the minds of the LA Rams players who have now stepped onto the field at SoFi Stadium. They all now know just how incredible their home field is.  For NFL players who have ever stepped onto the field, that sense of “This is our house!” cuts to the very core of their football passion.