5 reasons why Rams QB Goff shatters 5000 passing yards

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LA Rams Jared Goff Training camp
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Reason 4 – Primary passing offense

The current offensive line is designed to pass protect, not more the pile. While the LA Rams would love to see both, the strength of the current projected starters is more qualified to pass-block than block for the run.  How so?  Pass blocking requires a structured retreat from big-bodied offensive linemen who can absorb the impact of a defender. Long arms, good footwork, and an ability to maintain a wide base.

Run blocking requires a more physical and faster release, more push than absorption in the legs, the ability to move quickly in a pull or to block downfield. While the Rams may do a decent enough job of run blocking, this group’s forte is pass blocking.

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Undefined rushing means dependable passing

With the Rams rushing game currently in transition, the team will be defining just how good the team can run in the early games of the season is a question mark. While the team will certainly commit to running the ball in games, the number of carries may vary depending on how effectively the team can run the ball. Or how close the score of the game is.

If the Rams need to score, the team will pass the ball. The Rams had a number of end zone pass plays that were stopped just short of a touchdown. While the team did eventually convert via the running game in short-yardage, the perception was that the Rams running game was better than it actually was. That same effect gave the illusion that the Rams passing game was less effective than it truly was.