5 LA Rams at perilous risk of losing starting job in training camp

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LA Rams Hard Knocks
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Time is running out for these five 2019 Rams starters to secure their starting roles in training camp.

The LA Rams are revisiting SoFi Stadium once again. As before, the Rams are simulating game-like conditions with another scripted set of plays. Offense versus defense. But today’s mood is a bit different. You see, in one week’s time, the nasty business of roster cuts will hit all 32 NFL clubs.  Roster cuts of players who may have performed well enough to earn a spot, but played in a deep position  Roster cuts of players who may have performed well enough, but their cost is more than the next player.

Roster cuts are not the best 53 players. In fact, the final product may not even be the best team. What it becomes is the team that everyone feels has the best chances of winning.  That means that the team will emphasize today, but will keep an eye on tomorrow. Tomorrow comes at you fast. In five months, the LA Rams will have switched to 2021 mode.

Scrimmage today, gone tomorrow?

Today, the Rams play their last scrimmage with 80 players. in just seven days the team will suit up just 53 players.  In eight days, the team will re-sign 16 of the 27 waived players to the practice squad. Well, perhaps. You see, in that critical 24 hour period between being cut and re-signed to the team, there are 31 other teams seeking to build their best practice squad. And they have released 27 players each who the Rams may have a strong interest in.

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But even as that drama happens, there are stories within stories. Backup players being promoted, Starters being demoted. And in the rare case where the team faces competition between two starters, one keeps his role and the other is demoted to a backup role. Who are they and how will they respond?