5 LA Rams at perilous risk of losing starting job in training camp

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LA Rams Training camp Malcolm Brown
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Running back

LA Rams veteran running back Malcolm Brown is mister dependable. He is a workhorse style of running back. The more he runs, the stronger his runs seem to become. And with his years of NFL experience, the Rams know what they are getting with him on the field. If there is a hole, he will run through it. If there is no hole, he will punish defenders in his way.

Brown will likely begin the season as the starter. That’s for several reasons, but most importantly it will give the coaching staff immediate feedback.  Knowing what Brown delivers in the running game, the offensive minds can use Brown’s performance as a calibration.  If he does well, the Rams can lean into running 11-package offensive plays.  If he doesn’t, the Rams can compensate by leaning heavier into 12-package offensive plays.

LA Rams RB Cam Akers may not be a secret weapon after all. light. Hot

Brown turns defenses black and blue

While the Rams will eventually transition into a committee rushing attack before featuring rookie Cam Akers, the month of September will be Brown’s opportunity to lay the smackdown on NFL defenses. While he doesn’t average an eye-opening yards-per-carry, he does deliver tremendous punishment to linebackers and defensive backs with each tackle.

Defenses get into a rhythm. Over a period of carries, they adapt to a running back’s speed and tempo. But with a back like Brown, as they zero-in on his tempo, muscle fatigue zero’s in on them. The result? He is more dangerous late in the game. Unfortunately, the Rams rookie running back Cam Akers is even more adept at finding holes and running lanes that other running backs simply cannot locate. Brown will soften defenses, but it will be Akers who delivers the runs to take away their momentum.