LA Rams: 2 free agent WRs to replace Cooper Kupp

(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
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If the LA Rams are unable to re-sign WR Cooper Kupp, here are two WRs worth signing

This upcoming offseason, the LA Rams have two big contributors that will be looking for big contracts. CB Jalen Ramsey will be the biggest target for the Rams. WR Cooper Kupp will potentially enter the free-agent market, as well.

Kupp is the Rams’ top target among the receiving corps. Will the Rams be able to give him a big new contract? estimates his market value at $16,787,964.

The NFL is moving more towards becoming a passing league. Long gone are offenses that line-up in the I formation and give the running back the option to run to daylight. In the modern offense, coaches want players who can catch the ball.

There are two wide receivers that will become free agents in March. Kupp is one, the other is wide receiver, Josh Reynolds. In the free-agent market, two big-time receivers with plenty of speed and reliable hands also become available. If Kupp gets a big deal elsewhere, general manager Les Snead should pursue these receivers.

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LA Rams should pursue these WRs if Cooper Kupp moves on

First, Allen Robinson is a quality receiver worth pursuing. Currently, Robinson plays for the Chicago Bears. Their offensive scheme is similar to the Rams’ wide-open passing attack.

Robinson stands 6-feet-2 weighing 220 pounds. Since his rookie season of 2014, he has caught 355 passes for 4749 yards with 33 touchdowns. His salary-cap hit in 2020 is estimated to come in at or under $15 million.

Second, WR JuJu Smith-Schuster was drafted in round two, several spots ahead of Kupp, in the 2017 NFL Draft. Smith-Schuster plays in Pittsburgh. He is playing out his rookie contract this season.

Smith-Schuster stands 6-feet-1 weighing 215 pounds. He has caught 211 passes for 2895 yards with 17 touchdowns. Since Kupp lost half his 2018 season to injury, Smith-Schuster has better numbers than Kupp. There is some question whether the Steelers will make a push to keep him on their roster.

Kupp has caught 196 passes for 2596 yards with 21 touchdowns. Most of all, Smith-Schuster averages 13.7 yards per reception to 13.2 for Kupp. He might be a more affordable receiver for the Rams.

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Smith-Schuster could be the deep threat to push the Rams closer to the Lombardi Trophy. This season will be huge for Kupp in his drive for his next contract. Let’s see how it all plays out.