5 winners, 4 questions, and 3 losers from LA Rams scrimmage aftermath

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LA Rams Training Camp
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5 winners, 4 questions, and 3 losers from LA Rams post-scrimmage  as training camp winds down and the team prepares to face the Dallas Cowboys

The LA Rams preseason is over.  Well, the two-game scrimmage dress rehearsals are now in the rearview mirror. Now it’s all about the final few roster moves and ranking as the team enters the most critical period of the offseason: roster evaluations.  For many, training camp is just the annual NFL fitness vacation. It’s a chance to revisit with old teammates, meet new teammates, and get back into football shape.

For many, it’s the most grueling job interview in their imagination. This is not just an hour or two. This is a constant form of performance and evaluation over many weeks. Not just on the field, but in the meeting room as well. It’s about being the best player, the best teammate, the most coachable prospect, and the most determined.

Where was the cut-off?

Of course, being your “best” is not sustainable. The human body must rest, relax, recharge. So the key to the process is not relaxing too much. And that’s where the LA Rams final scrimmage takes place. Who among the LA Rams 80 players has enough energy to turn it on one more time? Who has that one fatal flaw to take them out of the running?

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Undrafted rookies were the most pressured. How could they possibly make the coaching staff and teammates fall in love with their football player in the crash course of the 2020 Training camp?  And yet, here they are.  The NFL has not extended the deadline, nor have they created a talent pool for players to remain in a football environment until a team has a roster opening. The Day of Reckoning is upon them. How did they do?