LA Rams All-Pro CB Jalen Ramsey spars Shannon Sharpe on Twitter

(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

LA Rams All-Pro CB Jalen Ramsey spars Shannon Sharpe on Twitter in defense of his agent

LA Rams All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey is many things He is a very gifted football player, perhaps the best at his position. He’s also one of the most intelligent defense backs in the NFL. He instantly impressed defensive coordinator Brandon Staley with his command of knowing all of the roles in the Rams secondary.  Not only an ability to recite those roles, but enter into a dialogue of how to optimize their function. He is a part-defensive consultant.

Ramsey is also very confident in his own abilities. That confidence is his calling card. Before he ever takes the field to defend against a receiver, he has already gone through mental exercises of how he wants to defend them. In the process, he becomes proactive,  After analyzing how the offenses plan to attack him, he develops countermeasures. By the time teams take the field, he dictates to the offense. The results are often very impressive.

Strongly loyal

But one of the lesser discussed qualities of Jalen Ramsey is his loyalty.  He is a man who will stand up for his friends, his teammates, and his agent, David Mulugheta, it seems, based on this exchange.

The context of the twitter exchange is the news that Houston Texans and quarterback DeShaun Watson agreed to a four-year extension worth $160 million. Sharpe added two more years, and another $20 million from the current contract, to alter the terms of the deal to six-years and $180 million.  That portrayed the deal as much more team-friendly and questioned how good of a deal it actually was. That precipitated Ramsey’s defense of his agent.

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Ramsey will be an LA Rams player

Some have attributed Jalen Ramsey’s interest in new deals for NFL players as impatience in getting his own deal done. I think the truth may lie with his loyalty. He applauds the achievements of his friends and colleagues. Their reward with a new contract is about applauding their accomplishments. A confident person tends to promote the achievement of others.

While there is always a bit of anxiousness involved in the midst of arriving at the desired outcome, there is nothing to fear here. The LA Rams will resolve their roster and practice squad issues. Then the team will work to free up money to extend Ramsey. That is not a drive-up event. Rather it will take time.

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It’s reassuring to know that Jalen Ramsey has the backs of his friends, family, and teammates. That’s a strong bonding personality and one that is a strong leader for a team and the locker room.  Jalen Ramsey is a very talented, intelligent, and loyal player. I don’t see how the Rams can allow him to end up testing free agency.  Instead, I will remain confident and let events play out. You are welcome to join me.