LA Rams News: Teams has less than 24 hours to fit under 2020 salary cap

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In LA Rams News: The team has less than 24 hours to fit under the 2020 NFL salary cap

Okay, you’ve probably had your fill of the LA Rams and NFL Salary Cap stories. But here we are again. On Wednesday, September 9, 2020, the NFL Salary cap calculation converts from the”Top 51″ players to all 53 players.  In the process, the Rams overshot the salary cap for 2020 by $404,000. While that may not seem like much, it’s enough to mean the Rams must rework some contracts, or reshuffle their roster one more time.

The team did add LB Justin Hollins, who comes with a price tag of just $675,000 this year. Plus the team has yet to work out where they will be placing RB Raymond Calais, who will add another estimated $780,000 to the Rams cap.

Rework or restructure

The LA Rams will need to make a roster move and/or rework some contracts. Of course, if the Rams extend defensive back Jalen Ramsey’s contract, the team could actually reduce his 2020 salary cap hit while still making him the highest-paid defensive back in the NFL. Will it be enough to cover both himself and the team’s current “excess”?  Yes.

Of course, some will believe that the Rams will cut one of their undrafted rookies, and try to sign them back to the last slot in their practice squad. Unfortunately, the Rams will actually hurt their cap situation if that is the only intended move.

To sum it all up

The Rams have some work to do, and they must do so pretty quickly.  Are there any doubts they will do so? No, not in the least. But the team does not have unlimited options.  There are a few players whose contracts can be restructured to clear ample space. But the Rams will need to do so wisely because the team has several players that they want to keep who will need extensions before 2021.

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And so, the tough financial work that the team pushed off until they had their final roster set is upon them.  It’s time for the Rams to tackle their contracts once and for all. Not just to free up cap space now, but for the team to clear some financial room to fit some new extension in for players the team wants to retain. To sum it all up, the Rams seem to be out of money for the time being. But that’s not what troubles me. What worries me now is that the team has run out of tiem.