Jared Goff giving the LA Rams a new offensive edge

(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

The LA Rams are a different team in 2020. Check out the new attitude by LA Rams QB Jared Goff

The LA Rams entered the 2019 season expecting to dominate on the offensive line once again. After all, the team’s offense was one of the most ruthless and dangerous offenses in the NFL because the offensive linemen imposed their will upon defenses. Of course, that wasn’t how the season turned out for the Rams in 2019. But for the team then. Perhaps not so bad for the team in 2020.

Some people describe adversity as that which breaks the human spirit. But others describe it as the forge which tempers the iron in each of us into steel.  The contrast is dramatic but quite telling. In the first instance, humans are portrayed as broken by difficult times. In the second scenario, difficult times serve to make humans more resolved. Which version will the Rams be?  I suspect more of the second variety.

2019 one step back, 2020 two steps forward

It was bound to happen at some point in quarterback Jared Goff’s career. After a lightning-fast NFL career, the young man who started in the Super Bowl in just his third season had to suffer adversity at some point in his career.  The only thing that probably amplified the event was the fact that so many were there waiting to point out his below-average performance.

Still, there is a silver lining. The best question to ask when life seems to stack up against you is not “Why me?”, but rather “For what purpose?”.  Everyone endures loss, setbacks, loss of loved ones.  All of us must wake up to face tomorrow.  Success in not failing or falling, but what we choose to do next.

Goff about to go off

LA Rams quarterback does not expect to play behind the best offensive line in the NFL. He doesn’t even expect to play behind a top-10 offensive line. The same cannot be said about this week’s opposing quarterback, Dak Prescott. Nor can it be said about week two’s opposing quarterback Carson Wentz.  Both the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles have paid and fielded excellent offensive lines to protect their quarterbacks.  But this year, that won’t matter to Jared Goff.

Thanks to the addition of offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell, Goff no longer concerns himself about what other teams have, or what other quarterbacks have. Now he focuses on what he can deliver. Crisp passes on target. An elusive target to tackle, and a quarterback who suddenly is learning he can extend plays with his legs.

Goff passes for 5K this year

Great quarterbacks make plays successful. The young LA Rams quarterback is finally learning that leader of the offense must lead the offense.  As soon as the ball is in his hands, Jared Goff must find a way to gain positive yards. This year, he will do exactly that.

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Step back, Dak. Pardon, Carson. Jared Goff will not be third among the quarterback class of 2016 this year. He was drafted first overall, and this year he’ll show the NFL why. The Rams quarterback has thrown for over 9200 yards in the past two seasons. He’ll throw for over 5000 yards this year.