Stop bellyaching, 3 times referees nearly cost LA Rams the game

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Stop bellyaching. As national media outcries try to sully the LA Rams first victory of the season, referees nearly cost the LA Rams the game 3 times

The LA Rams won a hard-fought game on Sunday Night Football. In the eyes of many, the Rams lost the game before the opening kickoff.  The LA Rams opened as underdogs at home, their first game of the season. The surprising point was not that that another team was favored to beat them in Los Angeles, but which team was favored.

The Dallas Cowboys, last year’s greatest underachievers at 8-8. A team that was so disappointing last season that the team fired the head coach Jason Garrett despite not having a losing season.  A team now led by new head coach Mike McCarthy.  A team that the media had already begun the annual chanting for the likelihood of a long-overdue Super Bowl berth.

Stop the presses, Dallas lost?

Not only were the Cowboys the betting odds on favorite, but they were the darlings of the national media. It was clear leading up to the game. It was clear during the game. But nothing prepared LA Rams fans for the outrage that sprang from the national media after the game, singling out one call from the game that rightfully penalized the Dallas Cowboys receiver for pushing off of a defensive back and creating separation. It was one penalty called in a game filled with penalties and non-calls.

How is it that an “objective” media is using terms like bogus, wrong, and phantom in a call that NFL officials have confirmed?

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Well, that’s how it goes when you face the Dallas Cowboys and stun them with a loss. The fact is, there is a lot of whining today, two days after the Rams victory. So what about the calls that benefited the Cowboys?  Here are three we can discuss with no effort.