5 LA Rams players I’m bullish on to keep on your radar

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LA Rams Leonard Floyd
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OLB Floyd

I love what outside linebacker Leonard Floyd gives to this LA Rams defense. He is not only that thoroughbred who can only rush a passer. He brings it all to the football field. That means he can stuff a run, set the edge, defend against receivers, but most of all, he can rush the quarterback.  On Sunday, that’ where you’ll find him.

The LA Rams defense is full of surprises. Each player on the roster comes with multiple roles. Some can shift back and forth on the defensive line. But others, like Leonard Floyd and play multiple positions and rules for the team. With the Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackles showing weakness against a strong outside pass rush, the Rams are more than happy to launch another wave of edge rushers after the Eagles offense.

Can’t stop ’em all

As the Philadelphia Eagles digest Aaron Donald’s performance last week, the focus will hinge upon stopping a guy who was nearly impossible to stop. That will force the entire offensive line, the running back, and even the tight ends to chip, bump, intersect, and block at the All-Pro defensive lineman.  And with all that focus, you can bet that defensive coordinator Brandon Staley will take advantage of that concentrated effort on one guy.

Next. If the question is who is stopping LA Rams DT Aaron Donald? The Eagles may have no answer. dark

Floyd already has one sack, and he could put up some more in this one rather quickly. Washington edge rushers Chase Young and Ryan Kerrigan each accounted for 1.5 sacks on the besieged Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. While holding the ball for over 4.0 seconds contributed to the eight sacks on the day by Washington defense, the Rams defensive secondary is likely to be equally adept at confusing Wentz. The Eagles struggled with offensive reads and gaining yards on the ground.  The Rams will be an even tougher opponent this week.