NFL Rumors prove true. LA Rams extend WR Robert Woods for 4 years

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NFL Rumors prove true. LA Rams extend WR Robert Woods for 4 years

The NFL Rumors about the LA Rams nearing an agreement before the week two kickoff proved true, as 24 hours later the rumors prove true. The LA Rams have extended Robert Woods on a four-year extension.  This one now has the LA Rams two top receivers and franchise quarterback locked up for the foreseeable future.

The deal will extend Woods through 2025, and guarantees $32 million.  For the cost of a consistent 1,000-yard receiver, this is a solid deal. Now locking in the two most important receivers for years to come ensures that the Rams will have a strong passing offense for years to come.

Now, about that deal

WR Robert Woods was already under contract through the end of the 2021 season. This new extension adds four more years through the end of the 2025 season.  With minimal details of $32 million guaranteed, and worth up to $68 million, that brings the value of this contract in at an average of $17 million per year, with no less than $8 million per year.

That’s just slightly more than the three-year $48 million dollar contract awarded to WR Cooper Kupp. The reason for that is likely due to the length of the contract, as future dollars are worth a bit less. Also, Kupp can renegotiate a new deal sooner, which means Woods needed a bit more money to stay locked in.

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Two top-10 paid wide receivers

While most of the NFL has overlooked and underestimated this LA Rams receiving corps, the team certainly has not made that mistake.  The Rams have placed both Kupp and Woods into the NFL’s Top-10 paid wide receivers this year. As other team fans ponder, the Rams continue to make bold moves.

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What do the Rams have left in the tank?  Likely not much. The team dedicated some more money to Woods this year and have much better cap value in the later years of this deal.  For other players, the jury will remain out while the Rams sort through who is critical to bring back next year. If I were voting, I would like the Rams to lock in either Darious Williams or Troy Hill next, as they are both playing on expiring contracts this year.