Bold prediction – Which of 7 LA Rams receivers could have a big game

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LA Rams Robert Woods
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The case for WR Woods

Each season, LA Rams wide receiver Robert Woods comes out to the football field with one thing on his mind – give it his all. He loves playing for the LA Rams, and the LA Rams love him catching the ball. And for the past couple of seasons, Woods has put up over 1000 yards to little fanfare. Nobody mentions his name as one of the NFL’s best receivers.  He, as well as teammate Cooper Kupp, are ignored.

Robert Woods put up over 100 yards last week. He is currently the 10th-best receiver in the NFL. Just one game? Yes.  But that is 100 yards for 2020 after a 1000-yard season in 2018 and 2019. He’s better than good. And yet, that is where the LA Rams receiver is categorized. Each year he works his tail off, and each year the conclusion of many is that he’s good.

light. Hot. NFL Rumors prove true. LA Rams extend WR Robert Woods for 4 years

Woods got paid to play

Of course, he was just good for four years with the Buffalo Bills. So when he landed with the LA Rams and his career took off, many who had already formed a permanent opinion of him are now unable to change their cemented view. In many ways today, it’s more important to change facts to support an opinion than to change the opinion to support the facts.

Woods just signed an extension with the LA Rams, a deal that keeps him with the team until 2025.  Now he has a chance to prove to the NFL that he deserves the extension. While he is as dependant upon opportunities as any receiver, when the ball comes his way, he can pile up the yards. Woods only had two games over 100 yards in 2019. One games’ total was 164 yards, and the other’s total was 172 yards. Could he put up a ton of yards? He’s very capable. But there is one more player to discuss.